Marshalling Technology and Teams

Brandon Jones 

Brandon Jones is President & CEO of TexAgs, an independent media organization devoted to covering Texas A&M University and its athletic programs. TexAgs.com has over 12,000 subscribers, receives 40 million page views from half a million unique visitors every month, and is widely considered the gold standard in its industry. Brandon also serves as the CEO of F5 Sports, a growing network of websites that cover various athletic programs across the country, and TexAgs Production Group, an award-winning video production and storytelling team. He graduated from Texas A&M in ’95 with a degree in Business Management and lives in College Station, Texas with his wife of fifteen years and their five kids.

Finding Your Passion in Mission Driven IT 

Jenn Stringer, MLIS

Jenn Stringer is currently the Chief Academic Technology Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teaching & Learning for the University of California, Berkeley. She is responsible for bringing together Educational Technology, Research IT, and the Center for Teaching and Learning to better serve faculty in their roles as researchers and instructors. Services within the portfolio include high performance computing, research data management, museum informatics, classroom technologies and video capture and production, faculty instructional technology support, the campus LMS, instructional computing and the campus radio station (KALX 90.7). Prior to Berkeley she has been Director for Academic Technology Services at New York University and Director of Educational Technology at Stanford University School of Medicine. 

Tech Leaders Panel: Building Strong and Diverse Teams

Dee Childs, Jenn Stringer, Lauren Hasson, Marilyn Meador

Teams that produce the highest quality output are consistently the teams with the greatest diversity of experience and variation of thought. How do we build and maintain teams that employ the best possible technologists, and cultivate a culture that fosters excellence and innovation? Join a panel of technology leaders from a variety of backgrounds for a conversation about hiring, retention and team culture, and how their experiences as women in tech has shaped their career path. These panelists will share the story of the careers and discuss how they achieved leadership roles and drove change within their organizations. The panel concludes with time for questions from the audience.